Star: Teni (Star of Majesty)
Height: Same as Yuber? (191 cm)
Weight: ???
Age: ???

A Black Knight who is trying to find Yuber. Both times you can recruit him, he's checking places related to Neclord. This is of course because Yuber used to work with Neclord, and Pesmerga obviously thinks Neclord is easier to find than Yuber. So far, he has been very unlucky, though he does get close to Yuber thanks to the game hero.

Pesmerga, like Yuber, is dressed similarly to a Mirage/Phantom type enemy. His investigation info says he moves silently and doesn't sleep or eat, but we don't know much beyond that. Is he a monster, or a shadow? No one knows.

For anyone wondering about his gender, just take him to the baths in Suikoden 1 or 2.

Pesmerga has black hair that covers his face from the front, and apparently reaches down to his shoulders from the back. He is dressed in exactly same armor as Yuber, except that he has a cloak.

We've never seen Pesmerga's eyes, but several people have the same theory - that his eyes are mismatched like Yuber's; only, his left eye is the orange/red one and right eye is blue.