Star: Tenyu (Star of Heroic Ferocity)
Height: 191 cm (about 6 feet 3 inches)
Weight: ???
Age: ???

The Suikoden 3 status info says, "A mysterious Black Knight whose face has never been seen." That doesn't tell much, now does it?

Yes, Yuber is a Black Knight: not hard to figure out or anyting since he wears a black armor in the first two games. Also, he always appears to be sided with the "bad guys", but that doesn't really make him evil. Rather, he states in Suikoden 3 that he will stay with Luc as long as he gets to see the chaos Luc's actions create, which would mean Yuber is seeking chaos. Usually it is the "bad" guys who cause more chaos in the games (or war in general) so that might explain it.

There is no info where and when Yuber was born. We don't even know what he is, but he is referred as "devil" and "demon" in the games so it's quite possible that he's not human. He also appears to be quite old, if not immortal - in Suikoden, in the part where you get sent 300 years back in time to the Village of the Hidden Rune, he's there with Windy and Neclord. That makes him at least 300 years old... and then there's the fact that in the period of 15 years between Suikoden 2 and 3, he doesn't seem to have aged at all.

Yuber has a long blond hair that reaches way past his waist. When wearing armor, he leaves it down, but when in the black clothes he has in Suikoden 3 he wears it on a braid. His eyes are mismatched; the right eye is orange/red and the left eye is blue.