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1) This one's pretty much a given, but you should be a fan of Lady Harken and/or Elmina. Why would you want to join if you aren't?

2) You must give a (nick)name, your home country, and a working email address. Website is optional. Also, you can choose not to have your email listed; just mention so in the joining form (in that handy comment field there).

3) Real country names only, thank you.

4) If you have a website and wish for it to be listed, please link back here first. If the link is not easily found from the site you give, please state the location in the comment field on the joining form.
The URL of this FL is: http://www.towerofmist.net/elmina/

5) No websites with, ah, questionable content will be listed. Sites that have yaoi/hentai are okay as long as there is a warning page.

6) If your information changes, let me know.

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