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Elmina Japanese name:
English name: Elmina Niet
Age: 25
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue

A knight of the Kingdom of Arctica.

Her title is "Sword". That means, she's the "attack" of the Fenril Knights. Can't say what that really means, but in theory, she is the one who attacks first.

In Arctica, they called her the "Sword Princess". A nickname for a beautiful and deadly warrior, I guess.

It's quite clearly said in the game that she used to have something going on with the "Van Burace" of the Fenril Knights. That is, Garrett (Jack). See the end of the intro scene. They both say they don't want to lose each other, so...

When the Arctica castle was attacked by the Demons, she got injured. When Alhazad killed the king and Ryan, Chief Coldbird told her and Garrett to run. However, because of the injury, she decided to stay in the castle and protect Garrett's escape.

She was obviously believed to have died, until...

Lady Harken

Lady Harken Japanese name:
English name: Lady Harken
Age: ?
Hair: Red
Eyes: Golden?

One of the Quarter Knights, the leaders of the Demon race.

The truth is, she is Elmina. Alhazad captured her, and somehow turned her into a Demon. She has no recollection of her past as a human, but as the game advances, she's starting to remember something...

Well. When Jack, Rudy and Cecilia go to the Pandemonium, Jack realizes who Lady Harken really is. And she remembes, but couldn't do anything. After that, Jack goes to the Arctica Castle to meet her... and kill the Demon part of her. That's what she wishes for; she isn't a human anymore.

After Jack lets her spirit go, he learns the meaning of True Courage... heh.

Of course, it doesn't end here. When the group reaches the Guardian of Time, he will revive Elmina. Check the story section for details.