Tower of Mist
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We are hosted on Cirtexhosting.

We do have a couple of hosted sites, but we only host friends. All our hostees are people we've known for a couple of years, so please don't ask for hosting unless you're a good friend.

The domain name, "Tower of Mist" is a track from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night OST. We love the track, so we chose it as our new domain name in Fall 2004 when we had to change hosts. We don't have our old domain, anymore, but this site is basically the old Cult Tower from early 2000's just with new name.

Current layout (from 2009) is also Castlevania-themed; the top image is a screenshot from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night so it's © Konami and all that, but we're not making any profit here so leave us alone.

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